About Us

IT Solutions

IT Solutions is a web development agency working in the e-commerce field. For more than 14 years our main focus is to create innovative goal oriented solutions that could make business processes easier.

IT Solutions can be easily described by four values, that are considered in each task and in every step of the way:

  • Innovation - we are an agile team who are always keen on following technological innovations in our field. We love to acquire new knowledge as this is how you can come up with a new idea that could answer the latest challenges in this dynamic field.
  • Quality – to keep your customers happy you have to be professional and service-minded, that is why we constantly improve our work processes and strive to make our products comfortable, easy to use and intuitive. Great quality and functionality should always be user friendly!
  • Benefits - we are constantly striving to make our products useful, increase productivity and create value in our daily activities so that it would be worthwhile for our clients to choose us.
  • Responsibility & Teamwork – each of our decisions is made with great care and responsibility in mind and each of our team members are here to pursue common goals, take responsibility and add that crucial part in our shared success.

IT Solutions is also a creator of a few useful IT products that were made to make your business life easier.


First of them is LINKO - a robot teammate, made to monitor and crawl your website.

Beautiful website can bring a lot of use and money, but even the best website becomes useless the moment it is down... Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to monitor your website 24/7 and report back to you the moment the problem occurs?

Well look no more as new team member LINKO is here to give you a helping robot hand! Without any human intervention LINKO is able to automatically monitor the status of the online project in real time. It will let you know if all links are working correctly, external links are working properly, if there is any mix content or maybe your domain is about to expire. These and many more small but important tasks will be taken care of by one trusty and never resting robot.


The second product developed by IT Solutions is PRIVASFER - a true lifesaver when it comes to sharing sensitive information.

Aren‘t you a bit worried that sensitive information, you share with your customers, will reach the wrong person? Sometimes that can cause some minor embarrassment and other times it is a matter of a lot of money. Luckily you can now share all your private files quickly, easily and safely with PRIVASFER!

PRIVASFER is a safe file transfer service that allows you to safely transfer sensitive information and minimize information leaks. This can be done by a simple three step process where you send your files, the secret key, which unlocks the encrypted information, is sent to a recipient in a separate email and only with this unique key your information is finally unlocked.